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Chloe Grace Moretz Was ‘Intimidated’ to Take on ‘Carrie’

(ABC News) – Chloe Grace Moretz, the latest young starlet to don the pink prom dress and the bucket of pig’s blood for the new “Carrie” reboot, said she felt “intimidated” to take on the lead role in the revamped quintessential teenage revenge fantasy, which is out in theaters Friday.

“I was intimated on taking on a Stephen King novel,” Moretz told “Nightline.” “That’s what scared me … trying to take something that was one of his most iconic pieces of work that he’s ever written and try and breathe life, even halfway as good, as the words that he has put into a book.”

To help her get into the mindset of Carrie White, the high school student who is relentlessly bullied for being different only to discover she has psychological powers, Moretz said she tried to stay in character for the entire time she was on set.

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