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Katie Holmes Joins Twitter

(ABC News) – “So happy to be on twitter!!!!!! Sending first tweets from South Africa!!!!!” Katie Holmes gushed today in her second tweet ever.

Holmes’s first tweet was a picture of her co-stars from her new movie “The Giver,” amazingly including Taylor Swift! Swift, Holmes and Oscar winner Jeff Bridges are all currently in South Africa shooting the flick.

The former “Dawson’s Creek” star, 34, and ex-wife of Tom Cruise joined Twitter today and immediately gained thousands of followers in just a few hours.

But what is more interesting is who Holmes has chosen to follow so far.

As of this morning, she was following 10 accounts, including SoulCycle, Bobbi Brown, Taylor Swift, Vogue magazine, Twitter Fashion and The New York Times. That’s a  well-rounded stream of news.

Let’s all welcome Katie Holmes to Twitter!

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