Wade  Mike Wade   (4a – 8a ) Facebook –  

Mike loves to work and bang on his drums all day. Besides his passion for radio, he’s one of the primary narrators and supplies character voices for the educational website Imagination Station. He’s been a student of Technique and Scene Study at HB Studio in New York, where he also worked on his stand-up and improv skills.  Mike loves to read, is involved in the lives of his three daughters and can be seen cruising in his ’66 Mustang. When he’s not trying to show Russell the Cat who the real man of the house is, he treats the Lovely and Equally as Talented Mrs. Wade to the occasional “if it’s too loud you’re too old” solo.



Stevens  Richard Stevens   (8a – 1p ) Facebook –  

In this crazed and chaotic world, Richard lives for quiet simplicity; searching for those peaceful moments away from the constant barrage of noise and information-overload. He grew up in North Dakota, where life moves at a slower pace; but where the endless prairie allowed for radio signals to seemingly go on forever. At the age of sixteen Richard’s voice began echoing out over the vast horizon and he found his professional calling. He finds satisfaction in uniting busy listeners with interesting and informative insights and ideas… along with a certain wacky perspective on life. Richard is married to his soulmate Amy and, together, they have three children. It’s the simple pleasures of life that bring them joy; like long walks, yoga, movies, quirky television shows, and enjoying time together at home.



Wilde  Jennifer Wilde (1p – 6p) Facebook –

At an early age, Jennifer fell in love with music and singing. Her first mic was her mother’s tape recorder. In the 80’s Jennifer made mix tapes from her favorite radio stations. But being ON the radio actually came about via coincidence. She was heard singing along to the songs playing at a radio station happy hour while she was in college and was recruited to sing a parody for the morning show. From there, she started writing and performing bits for the morning show which turned into a full time career. Jennifer is also an actor, a singer and the mother of 3 really great kids.  Some of her off-air/off-camera activities include designing jewelry, photography and running. She’s also a bit of a computer/technology nerd… who’s very thankful that mix tapes are so much easier to make these days! #techlove



Thorpe  Bill Thorpe   (6p – 11p) Facebook

Bill says his life is like flying a kite while standing in a hurricane. It’s pretty crazy, but lots of fun. With four kids, a dog, and a wife that lovingly puts up with his unique absurdity, Bill in many ways plays a supporting role in a “real life sit-com”. From spending a decade changing diapers, to getting a call from his daughter’s pre-school letting him know they can’t find her after a game of “hide-and-go-seek”, Bill has the battle scars that come with parenting.  One of the things his kids love most is his use of the phrase, “I don’t know, but let’s see what happens.” In his free time Bill can be found wandering the house mumbling to himself about when his kids will learn to pick up their toys and exactly who left their shoes on the stairs.



Michaels  Chris Michaels   (11p – 4a)

When Chris is not on the radio, he is most-likely found outside; especially on a river enjoying the “Reel Sport” of fly fishing. When he’s not fishing, he’s dreaming of fishing, reading about fishing or practicing fishing. (Can you see a theme here?)  Besides that addiction, he is most often spending time with his family, wife of twenty-seven years, three children, two grandchildren and three cats (along with whatever they bring inside)  Live music is another passion! “There is nothing better than seeing a great band live on a clear night under the stars” Don’t even waste time asking him what his favorite movie is… It’s “A River Runs Through It” What else?